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A smile says it all

A smile is better than any medicine

We shake hands not only out of habit, but also because we do not want to offend our fellow men. The renunciation of the handshake as a greeting, which is common in our culture, plays the central role in "Polite without hands": It is a simple but effective way to reduce the infection with viruses.

Different times, different customs:

How can the renunciation of handshaking be practiced without causing misunderstandings? Messer has developed a signet for this purpose, which is used on stickers, posters or info cards. They signalise: I support the "Polite without hands" campaign.

Anyone can join in:

The "A smile says it all" campaign was launched by Messer Group GmbH in 2009. Its aim was to reduce the risk of infection associated with the "swine flu" of the time. “A smile says it all" can also help to reduce the risk of infection during current cold spells or with viruses such as Covid-19 (Corona virus). If you would like to join, please ask for further information or pins.

The Background

Many disease viruses spread via tiny virus-containing droplets that are sprayed in the air when sneezing or coughing. This is how they get onto door handles, computer keyboards or stair railings. If these objects are then touched by hand, the viruses easily enter the nose or mouth (contact infection). The risk of actually becoming ill depends on the quantity and intensity of the pathogens and the state of the immune system. 

Frequent and thorough hand washing and not shaking hands can significantly reduce the risk of illness. You should also refrain from frequently grabbing your face (nose/mouth area) or drinking from cups or glasses that a sick person has previously used. Used paper tissues should be disposed of immediately by sick persons.

Order Pins

The "A smile says it all" pins signal: I support the campaign! Also give your visitors, customers and other people with whom you have daily contact a small info card so that "Polite without hands" can spread just as "virally" as colds.

Simply write us at: info(at)messergroup.com.


You are welcome to download the following documents related to our "A smile says it all" campaign as a signet, poster, flyer or postcard (referred to from now as the "material"). We, the Messer Group GmbH, are the copyright holders of the Material and permit you to use the material for your internal and external communication within the context of this presentation campaign.
However, you are not permitted to modify the material in any way or to use it for commercial purposes or that it be commercially distributed or made accessible to third parties with the intention to make a profit without our prior consent.
Permission as well as the granting of use of this material is free of charge. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of the aforementioned material.

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